Build mobile apps with the AppStudio IDE

Want Extensibility? Consider Akula.

During its 15-year history, thousands of apps have been built and deployed with AppStudio. But as enterprises required more flexibility, Verivo created Akula, a next-generation open mobile app platform.

Unlike MEAPs, Akula's open and extensible design extends your SOA to mobile and allows you to easily add new services, connect to enterprise systems, and work with popular front-end tools. So, if your enterprise wants to get serious about a mobility strategy, take a closer look at Verivo Akula.

Build Apps 5x Faster

Quickly and easily develop native and hybrid mobile apps with Verivo's AppStudio, a code-free, drag-and-drop IDE. Integrate data from unlimited systems, and incorporate HTML5 content and JavaScript to create customized mobile apps with unprecedented flexibility and speed.
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Deploy Apps Simultaneously

Once you build fully customized apps in AppStudio, you can deploy mobile apps simultaneously to multiple devices — quickly and securely. Changes and updates can be implemented from a central framework then deployed instantly, allowing your business to be more responsive, flexible and efficient. No code generation, no code recompilation and no regression testing required.

Manage and Update Apps in Seconds

Verivo's mobile app server features a multifaceted mobile app management structure that empowers you to manage mobile apps from a central framework. You'll have real-time app editing capabilities at your fingertips, the ability to run presentation-grade reports, set up alerts and more. Plus your data will be protected with unmatched, enterprise-grade security at the app, device, transfer and server levels.

How Does Verivo’s AppStudio Work?

Verivo's AppStudio includes the UI configuration tool, app server, mobile client, built-in security and built-in reporting capabilities. Here's how it works:

  • Build a configuration using Verivo's drag-and-drop, integrated development environment (IDE), AppStudio.
  • Store your configuration on your servers or in the cloud, allowing you to implement a mobility strategy of any size and scope.
  • Verivo's AppStudio authenticates users, delivers app configurations, manages data synchronization, integrates with a wide range of data sources, and more.
  • Deploy your app to your end users. When they launch the app on their device, all the images, data, features and security that you built into the app will display across all devices.
  • Incorporate HTML5 dynamic content alongside native components.
  • Update, add or change content at-will, without having to re-compile or re-deploy code. Your changes will render across all devices in real time.
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