Enterprise Architects Reveal Enterprise Mobility Plans for 2014

Published on: May 8, 2014

VerivoMobileSurveyResponseDespite the fact that mobility continues to be a hot topic among enterprise architects, the number of enterprise apps remains low, and using consumer app tools to develop enterprise app solutions is still common. In Q1 2014, Verivo spoke with a group of enterprise architects to get a closer look at the enterprise mobility landscape. We asked respondents questions related to their business plans for building out a mobile infrastructure that integrates and leverages their current IT assets.

There is growing recognition that enterprise mobility introduces a number of complications to existing web services-based architecture, including: limited and expensive bandwidth, the wide range of device types and operating systems being used to access apps, and the need to access data from multiple backend data sources for small devices.

Download the report today and see what your peers have identified as the six major “must haves” for enterprise mobility success. Key capabilities for mobile development and deployment from leveraging varied backend data sources and managing offline transactions, to developing on an open and adaptable infrastructure are discussed.


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