Verivo Software Continues to Deliver on its Commitment to Open Standards

Announces additional HTML5 capabilities to help mobile developers create more dynamic apps 

WALTHAM, MA – March 26, 2013 – Verivo Software, the enterprise mobility company, today announced the Release 7.5 of its enterprise mobility platform with a Hybrid Browser Control for iOS and Android, giving developers increased flexibility to design mobile apps using both native and HTML5 content. This announcement underscores Verivo’s continued commitment to embrace open standards and deliver on its HTML5 strategy and roadmap.

Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform empowers organizations to build apps five times faster, deploy apps simultaneously across multiple devices, and manage and update apps in seconds – easily and securely. This new Hybrid Browser Control capability enables mobile developers to deliver highly dynamic apps and content. Users can also mirror data, events and multi-touch gestures between native and HTML5 web content within apps built on Verivo’s mobility platform – creating a true hybrid experience.

Developers can now access device features including camera, accelerometer, compass and geolocation by using Cordova’s JavaScript APIs to create more interactive and device accessible apps. In addition, as part of 7.5, HTML5 developers have access to Verivo’s new JavaScript APIs to read and write from back-end data sources securely via Verivo’s Server and interact with native screens developed using Verivo’s platform to create a richer user experience.

“To leverage the growing popularity of mobility within the enterprise, an open platform that allows IT teams and third party developers to create apps using native and HTML5 capabilities is essential to a company’s success,” said Arny Epstein, CTO, Verivo Software. “By using the Hybrid Browser Control businesses can now make better use of HTML5 and native content to create more interactive apps, while harnessing the platform’s back-end integration, app management and security features.”

Extending the benefits of Verivo’s mobility platform, the Hybrid Browser Control enables users to:

  • Build rich, visual presentation elements to be added to native apps using existing HTML5 web content, accessing back-end data.
  • Access native device features and events within HTML5 web content to allow users to use common features such as contacts, notifications, media, capture and GPS.
  • Add more complex operations into mobile apps including charts, graphs, navigation and drill-down menus into native apps by leveraging back-end data in HTML5 web content.

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