Verivo Software Delivers Unprecedented Flexibility in Enterprise Mobility with HTML5 Integration

Combining HTML5 with Verivo’s mobility platform offers developers industry’s most powerful solution

WALTHAM, MA, May 29, 2012 … Verivo Software, the enterprise mobility company, today announced significant enhancements to its unique enterprise mobility platform, including integrated support for HTML5 via the software’s new Browser Control.  This component enables customers to further harness the platform’s ability to rapidly create, update and manage customized mobile apps that integrate with back-end enterprise systems, while allowing web developers to design mobile apps using the popular HTML5 standard. In addition, the company today unveiled its HTML5 roadmap to further empower developers and deliver industry’s most comprehensive and flexible software for mobile app development.

Verivo is the only enterprise mobility platform that empowers organizations to build apps five times faster, deploy apps simultaneously across multiple devices, and manage and update apps in seconds – easily and securely.  Verivo’s platform includes AppStudio — a visual development tool that enables users to build and maintain sophisticated apps without having to write code for multiple devices.  This drag and drop software eliminates the need to have device-specific skills in-house or re-submit updated apps to app stores.

The new Browser Control enables developers to incorporate HTML5 content and JavaScript into native and hybrid apps built on Verivo’s platform.  With HTML5 content and output treated exactly the same as native components, web developers can immediately begin contributing to enterprise mobile app development, and existing HTML5 dynamic content can be leveraged and included in mobile apps, alongside native components. As only Verivo offers a central processing unit (CPU)-based pricing, the new HTML5 integration is offered at no additional cost to customers.

 Verivo’s HTML5 Strategy and Roadmap

As part of its strategy, Verivo will continue to embrace standards and incorporate more capabilities into upcoming product releases to support customer demands and deliver additional HTML5 enhancements, including:

  • Expanded Browser Control to further strengthen integration and communication between the HTML5 and the app’s native components.
  • Web Client to run apps built on Verivo’s platform in a browser – dynamically translating the app, including the native components, into HTML5 and JavaScript, rendering the app in any HTML5-compliant browser. This browser-based app delivery will continue to leverage the back-end capabilities of the server for data integration, security, authentication and analytics.
  • Transition from LUA-based scripting to JavaScript that will allow customers to continue to leverage their web developers to build mobile apps. It will also allow for JavaScript scripting capabilities within both the HTML5 and native portions of Verivo-built apps.
  • JavaScript API to open the platform so the API can be used within a Verivo-built app or from any HTML5 content – allowing customers to incorporate the platform’s capabilities, including user authentication and back-end system integration, into web content and mobile apps.

“We are embracing HTML5 so our customers can utilize their existing web developers to build custom mobile apps while leveraging Verivo’s unique enterprise platform capabilities,” said Todd Christy, CTO, Verivo Software. “The integration of HTML5 into the software further empowers our customers to take advantage of this popular standard, and gain unprecedented flexibility and speed for mobile app development.”

The growing popularity of Verivo’s platform is reflected in the company’s business success. In 2011, the company reported an increase in license bookings of 220 percent, revenue run rate of 50 percent and customer base increase of 170 percent.

 About Verivo Software

A leading provider of enterprise mobility software, Verivo Software helps companies accelerate their business results.  Its unique technology empowers teams to centrally build, deploy, manage and update their mobile apps — rapidly, securely and across multiple devices. Hundreds of companies in numerous industries around the world rely on Verivo’s platform to drive their mobility initiatives. To learn more, visit



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